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Premium Digital Video

Advertisers can display their video ad before a short-form video that is selected by a viewer, like a news clip on This eliminates the need to come up with entirely new creative for an online video campaign and helps with brand and message recall for consumers.

What is Premium Digital Video?


  • Unifies TV and Online efforts
  • Provides unduplicated local reach
  • Extends existing TV commercial creative into the online space creating cost efficiencies
  • Maximizes reach, message and brand recall by extending TV campaign


  • Multi-screen advertising utilizes both geographic and demographic targeting capabilities
  • Advertisers can demographically target the same :30 video message on two screens to reach the target audience
  • Comcast Spotlight’s TV and internet technologies allow for deeper engagement with advertisers’ target audiences

Fast facts

  •’s highly trafficked video channel features entertainment, celeb gossip, news, TV, music and lifestyle video content from various networks and providers.
  • Engage viewers with a 15- or 30-second video pre-roll message.
  • Can include an optional 1000×90 companion banner.
  • “Click Here for More Information” call-to-action feature.

Toyota used Video Pre-Roll to Drive Sales for the Prius

In this example, Toyota leveraged their :30 commercial by running it as a Video Pre-Roll on to boost sales of the Prius.

>Cadillac Video Pre-Roll
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