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Advanced Media Solutions with Comcast Media 360

Comcast’s teams of engineers across the country are hard at work developing the next generation of entertainment technology, offering consumers ground-breaking new products and improved user experiences. That same technology is offering marketers ground-breaking opportunities to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising, through Comcast Media 360, the Comcast Spotlight business unit focused on advanced, multi-screen media options for national advertisers.

Comcast Media 360 partners with innovative brands to create customized, multi-screen marketing campaigns drawing on the full array of Comcast’s media assets and capabilities. Comcast Media 360’s solutions incorporate addressability, interactivity and accountability across television and digital platforms.


Finding the right audience is every bit as critical as crafting a relevant creative message. Comcast Media 360 partners with multiple data and analytics firms to align client and third-party data with aggregate and anonymous data about households in Comcast Spotlight’s footprint to create audience group profiles based on demographic, psychographic and geographic data, purchasing patterns and numerous other criteria. We also have the ability to deliver distinct, targeted messages at the sub-DMA level, across screens, across programs and across networks results in unparalleled efficiency.


Consumers increasingly expect to engage directly with content and brands. Comcast Media 360 offers a range of opportunities to extend video advertising beyond the traditional 30- or 60-second spot through interactive on-screen overlays and dedicated channels hosting branded content. Brands benefit by forging deeper engagement with consumers, driving brand awareness, lead generation and re-marketing opportunities.


The days of measuring campaigns by gross ratings points are ending. Today’s reality is about measurable, actionable results—moving the needle on the unique metrics that matter to each brand. Comcast Media 360’s media insights provide real-time data allowing for optimization within a campaign, and post-campaign reporting and analysis that crystallizes the return on investment of all components of a customized advertising initiative.

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