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About Comcast Spotlight’s Application

Welcome to the latest version of Comcast Spotlight’s app. The app has new tools and features that can teach you how our advertising solutions can help you reach your target consumers.

Tour Digital Products:
Discover how Comcast Spotlight’s digital advertising solutions allow you to connect online with millions of potential customers more efficiently and with pinpoint accuracy by delivering contextually and geographically targeted messages.

Find Networks:
From general entertainment to music, sports and news, Comcast Spotlight has more than 40 demographically targeted networks that advertisers can use to connect with customers. We created this great tool to show you what TV & online networks will help you reach your target demographic and during what times of the day.

Improve Your Media Plan:
This section teaches local businesses and media buyers how media plans can be optimized to meet their objectives and gives them the option to see how budget increases can have an even greater impact.

Reach Sports Fans:
Comcast Spotlight delivers every major sport across our cable networks, giving advertisers multiple ways to reach sports fans. With more games, more teams and more live sports action than any other media outlet, we provide the resources businesses need to make strategic and profitable marketing decisions. Check out this section to learn what your target audience is watching and the wide range of programming and networks available to help you reach them.

Reach Car Buyers:
Learn how targeted TV and digital advertising solutions from Comcast Spotlight can make search marketing more effective, reaching customers in your primary market area.

See our Success:
With the increase in audience fragmentation, it’s important to reach customers wherever they consume media. This section highlights the success of our multi-screen clients and shows how local businesses benefited from successful multi-screen campaigns.

Discover our Markets:
Comcast Spotlight reaches roughly 35 million homes and dozens of interconnects in top markets. We have presence in 8 of the top 10 DMAs and 19 of the top 25 DMAs. Use this section to learn about our markets and I+, which gives advertisers even greater reach through our satellite and telco affiliates.

Advanced Media Solutions:
Check out this section to learn more about Comcast Media 360, a business unit of Comcast Spotlight that partners with innovative brands in the design and delivery of media campaigns that leverage addressability, interactivity and learning across the full portfolio of Comcast’s media assets – TV, digital, video on demand and mobile/tablet platforms.

Check out the Video Library and Take Five sections for other great takeaways and learn more about trends impacting our industry.

Celebrate our Milestones:
2014 marked a decade of innovation, leadership, change, progress, growth and transformation for Comcast Spotlight. Learn more about our evolution since 2014.

Connect with Us:
Keep up with the latest conversations on advertising news and trends around the web by following us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and our blog, In Focus.

Saved Items:
As you navigate around the app, look for the red stars to save products and networks for later. You can access this list under your saved items and even send it to an account executive to learn more.

Learn More:
Use this form to contact a Comcast Spotlight Account Executive so you can learn more about any of our advertising solutions.

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Find Networks: 1) 2016 Doublebase GfK MRI weighted to Population (000) – Base: All
2) Demographic insights through comScore Audience Analytics products have changed for PC Centric data in the United States from July 2013 data onwards as per the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). For details, please access Dayparts: Nielsen Market Breaks, May’13 and Nielsen Universe Estimates Nov’12

Reach Sports Fans: 1) 2013 Doublebase GfK MRI weighted to Population (000) Base: A18+ 2) Nielsen’s State of the Media: 2013 Year in Sports Media Report 3) Nielsen Market Breaks, May’13 and Nielsen Universe Estimates Nov’12

Improve Your Media Plan: These are sample media plans and are representative examples of changes that can be made and their impact; for more information, please contact an Account Executive to learn how this can be custom catered to your needs. Local Business Examples Increase Frequency: Q3 original and revised schedule as extrapolated by Strata View. Nielsen Media Research July 12-Sept 12 CDMA Live Only 3 Bk Average. Hardwired Cable within the Interconnect coverage area applied to the DMA Universe Adults 25-54. Local Business Examples Increase Reach: 1) Kantar Media Q1 2013. Nielsen Media Research July 12-Sep12 Live Only 3 Bk Average. Hardwired Cable within the Interconnect coverage area applied to the DMA Universe Adults 25-54. Extrapolated by Strata View. 2) Q2 13 original and revised schedule as extrapolated by Strata View. Nielsen Media Research 3BK AVG April-June 13 CSMA Nielsen Live Only. Hardwired Cable within the Interconnect coverage area applied to the DMA Universe Adults 25-54.

See our Success: 2013, 2014 and 2015 LAMP Award entries.

Discover our Markets: I+ markets include Cable affiliates, AT&T U-Verse, Verizon Fios, DISH and DirecTV HHs. 1) The Nielsen Co.,DMA TV Households: January 1, 2017 and Cable and Interconnect Households: November 2016, Used beginning October 27, 2016.  2) GFK MRI Demographics, pulled through Rhiza for Media, 2/16/17.

Tour Multi-Screen Products: 1) Mixpo Case Study Mixpo SmartVideo Ad increases DVR Recordings and Viewership for 30 Rock Programming. 2) Telescoping: Beyond :30, Interactive Institute, 2006, 3) RFI: Beyond :30, Interactive Institute, 2006 4) i-Guide: IPG Usage Study, Lieberman Research Worldwide, July 2007 5) Remind-Record: Beyond :30, Interactive Institute, 2006 6) In-Banner Video: 2008 Google & Harris Interactive Study presented at the Advertising Research Foundation’s Re: think 2008 conference.

Reach Car Buyers: Polk Maps generated by Rhiza for Media

Advanced Media Solutions: Comscore (Sept.14), iTunes, eclerx.

Video Library: Telescoping: Beyond :30, Interactive Institute, 2006

The number of subscribing homes receiving advertisements on any cable network is an estimate and may vary by geographic areas and other factors. Any statement of (1) the number of subscribing homes receiving an advertisement and (2) audience estimates are based either on the NCC methodology which utilizes either Nielsen carriage & insertion Universe Estimates or adjusts internal carriage/insertion sub counts by the Nielsen full footprint Interconnect Universe Estimate.

Zone estimates are generated by using Nielsen Interconnect Universe Estimates, adjusted on a pro rata basis by internal subscriber counts by zone. Nielsen Universe Estimates are derived: in Telephone Frame set-meter and diary-only markets, from a rolling average of the prior four major sweep periods of diary sample; in LPM and Area Probability set-meter markets, from a rolling average of the prior four periods of meter sample, when available. These 4 periods each consist of 4 weeks of meter sample that lie prior to the measurement cycles of February, May, July and November. Estimates may contain impressions outside the home DMA. [See also Nielsen ViP Report]. The number of homes capable of accessing VOD and interactive TV advertising content is an estimate and may vary by the number of homes actually subscribing to digital cable service and other factors.

Current Nielsen audience reporting methodology does not provide the ability to adjust audience estimates for HD simulcast programming for non-insertion. The company may not have the capability to insert on HD simulcast networks or to enable interactive overlays on HD simulcast networks. Audience estimates for HD programming have not been adjusted for non-insertion. The information provided will be periodically updated by the Company. For more information please contact your Advertising Sales Executive.